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Entwined Synergy Services

App Development Services

Starter Pack: Launchpad to Digital Presence


This tier is the ideal starting line for startups and small businesses ready to step into the mobile market without the burden of significant investment. It offers a solid foundation with essential features and functionality.

Suited for startups and small businesses venturing into the digital space.

  • Basic custom mobile or web app development

  • Choice of up to 2 platforms (iOS, Android, or Web)

  • Standard UI/UX design

  • Core app functionality and features

  • Basic SEO setup and optimization

  • Optional 3 months of support and maintenance post-launch

App Development Services

Standard Tier: Enhanced Digital Solution


Designed for clients seeking a comprehensive app solution, this tier adds more features and customization options for businesses ready to polish their presence and stand out.

Businesses aiming to elevate their current market position with a more sophisticated app.

  • Advanced custom app development with additional features

  • Enhanced UI/UX design for better user engagement

  • Integration with popular APIs and services

  • Basic analytics and reporting capabilities

  • 6 months of support and maintenance post-launch

App Development Services

Premium Tier: Pinnacle of Innovation


Our Premium tier is the ultimate offering for established businesses and enterprises looking to lead with a state-of-the-art app that redefines market standards in sophistication and innovation.

Large businesses and enterprises aiming to integrate advanced technology into their operations.

  • Customized design and branding

  • Advanced functionality and features

  • Seamless integration with enterprise systems

  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools

  • Dedicated support and maintenance services

Web Development Services

Comprehensive Web Presence


Elevate your brand with a website that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, optimized for user engagement and conversion - the cornerstone of your digital identity.

Businesses of all sizes looking to launch or enhance their online presence.

  • Responsive and user-friendly website design and development

  • SEO-optimized content for higher visibility

  • Integration with social media and marketing tools

  • E-commerce functionality, as needed

  • Optional: Ongoing website maintenance and support

AI Training Services

AI Mastery Program


Stay competitive with AI training services designed to upskill your team, from foundational understanding to mastering advanced AI technologies and applications.

Teams and individuals looking to incorporate AI into their business processes.

  • Customized training modules from beginner to advanced levels

  • Hands-on workshops with real-world AI applications

  • Access to the latest AI resources and tools

  • Certification upon completion of the program

  • Follow-up support to ensure knowledge application

Business AI Training

Organizational AI Integration


Unlock transformative business potential with AI training tailored for corporate needs, focusing on efficiency, process optimization, and actionable data insights.

Organizations aiming to integrate AI into their strategic operations.

  • In-depth training on AI for business optimization

  • Custom programs based on organizational needs and goals

  • Training on specific AI technologies relevant to your industry

  • Strategy sessions for AI implementation

  • Ongoing support and updates on the latest AI advancements

Consulting Services

Digital Strategy Consulting


Navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with expert consulting, from strategic planning to execution, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

Any business seeking guidance to refine or develop its digital strategy.

  • Tailored strategic guidance to meet business objectives

  • In-depth analysis of current digital operations

  • Expert project management support

  • Implementation of best practices in technology and innovation

  • Long-term planning for digital growth and sustainability

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